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updated on 3/20/19

Turkey Run Dual Sport

Our 2019 Turkey Run will be on November 24, 2019  The event is an approximately 100 mile scenic ride with varied terrain to make for a fun day.  The course is big bike friendly with plenty of bypasses for the more difficult sections.  The event begins in the quaint village of Chatsworth New Jersey.  From there you will travel through the roads and trails of Brendan T. Byrne and Wharton State Forests. 

This is not a GPS guided event.  The course will be arrowed only.  Also, this is not a race or a timed event.  Gas and rest stops located in Pemberton and Mullica Townships. The perfect way to end the long Holiday weekend! 


Many thanks to all the riders that came to the 2018 Turkey Run! We appreciate you riding with us! We enjoyed seeing the new faces and our familiar friends!  We look forward to next year when we can do it all again!

Thank you to all the club members that spent countless hours of their own time to make sure you all had a safe and fun ride! You guys and gals are the absolute best!

We'll see you soon...on the trail.

**Check back here as the date gets closer.  We will be posting a flyer with all the information.**